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Strippers vs. Werewolves


There seems to be a trend in film lately to pair strippers with blood-thirsty monsters. After the dubious success of Zombie Strippers, a production company in the UK decided to release Strippers Vs. Werewolves. Sounds fun, right? The basic premise of the story is this: a werewolf visits a strip club and is killed by [...]

Songs About Strippers


Rockstar and Hollywood strip clubs have collected some of our favorite songs about strippers. Check out the videos below featuring some of the most popular stripper songs, and send us your recommendations so we can add them to this blog! I’m In Love With a Stripper, T-Pain Her Strut, Bob Seger Tangled Up In Blue, [...]

Strip Club Reality Show!

Strip Club Reality Show

Reality TV is about to get a whole lot sexier. D.C.’s Stadium strip club will be featured in a reality show airing this fall. While the show will focus primarily on the lives of the strippers, the club will have a prominent role in the show. We’re pretty sure that the girls at our two [...]

Pinterest for Strippers?

Pinterest for Porn: Pornterest and Snatchly

Some of you more web savvy people out there may have heard of Pinterest, the new social network that suburban housewives are going ape-shit over. Basically it allows you to “pin” images of whatever the hell you like, then share those images with other people. Do you like apple pies? Great. Post a picture. Do [...]

How to Give a Lap Dance!

How to Give a Lap Dance

Alright ladies. You know you wanna do it. Maybe it’s your man’s birthday, your anniversary, or just a sexy night at home. Whatever the occasion, knowing how to give a kick-ass lap dance is a skill that will blow his mind. Lap dances are tantalizing. They’re empowering. And they’ll get both of you revving to [...]

Stripper Shoes

Stripper Shoes

Our ladies love shoes. And why shouldn’t they? Stripper shoes are fun, sexy, and require a certain amount of skill to walk in well. We’ve decided to compile a little list of the best places online to buy stripper shoes. Whether you’re a stripper at one of our Connecticut strip clubs, or you just want [...]

What Is a Strip Club Like?

What is a Strip Club Like?

It’s hard to believe, but there are plenty of men and women out there who have never been to a strip club. If you search in discussion forums you’ll often see this question: What is a strip club like? We can’t speak for every strip club on earth, but if you’re curious to know what [...]

What Do Women Want From Strip Clubs?

Strip Clubs for Women

We invite everyone to join us at our Connecticut strip clubs: men, couples, and women are invited. We’ve been asking people lately what women like to see when they come to strip clubs. Now, we’re not going to beat around the bush (pun!); our Connecticut strip clubs are primarily for gentlemen. With sports, beautiful women, [...]

Stripper Interviews Coming Soon!

Stripper Interviews - Coming Soon

Do you have a favorite girl at Rockstar or Hollywood? We are, after all, two of the best CT strip clubs, with some of the hottest strippers in Connecticut. Check back on our blog for regular updates about strip clubs in CT, pole dancing, guest strippers and performers, parties, and more! We’ll also be posting [...]

Local Pole Dancing Classes

Pole Dancing Classes in NYC and the East Coast

Pole dancing is the big craze these days. You’ve probably seen our other blog posts on pole dancing and pole dancing videos. While we feel like our strippers are pretty much the hottest pole dancers in CT, we know that you ladies out there want to learn how. We took some time to compile a [...]

Go Go Dancer!

Go Go Dancer

In the 1960s go go dancers became popular in bars and nightclubs across the world. While go go dancing isn’t the same as stripping (at least not always), we still want to give the go go dancer all our respect. What is a Go Go Dancer? Go go dancers are hired to dance at bars [...]

Pole Dancing Moves

Pole Dancing Moves

Several weeks ago we posted some pole dancing videos to give you all a sample of what’s out there to enjoy on YouTube. This week we’ve collected some videos out there for you ladies interested in learning some specific pole dancing moves. Even if you’re not a stripper, pole dancing is an excellent way to [...]

What Is Burlesque?


Dear Rockstar and Hollywood Girls, I’ve been seeing ads for burlesque shows lately and it looks kind of hot, but I’m not really sure if it’s something I’d like or not. Can you help me? What is burlesque? –Jason What Is Burlesque? Is Burlesque the same thing as stripping? Hi Jason. Great questions. Burlesque is [...]

Gentlemen’s Clubs

CT Gentlemes Clubs: Rockstar and Hollywood

When you think gentlemen’s clubs, what do you imagine? Me? Well, the first that comes to mind is a bunch of rich men in suits, sipping scotch, smoking cigars, and talking about their stock options. But then I remember that gentlemen’s clubs have come to mean so much more. Sure, gentlemen’s clubs used to be [...]

Stripping in College

Stripping in College

It’s a common theory: women strip to pay for college. These high-brow intellectuals find themselves strapped for cash, so they decide to un-strap their clothes. Was that pun a stretch? Well, whatever. The question is, do women really begin stripping in college to pay for their education, and if so, should you? Stripping in College: [...]