Adult Clubs: Four Types

While our Connecticut adult clubs, Rockstar and Hollywood, are pretty much the best clubs out there, there are several different types of adult clubs and strip clubs are just one type of many. Let's break it down for you. While the legality of adult clubs varies from state-to-state and country-to-country, they can be broken down into four basic types: strip clubs for men, strip clubs for women, live sex clubs, and swingers' clubs.

Strip Clubs for Men

Adult Clubs - Strip Clubs for Men While women are welcome at our clubs, we'd consider Rockstar and Hollywood to be--primarily--adult clubs for men. Our female strippers know what men like, and they showcase this when they're pole dancing, stage dancing, or doing a private dance. Some strip clubs for men are totally nude, while others are topless adult bars. The laws often differ for nude clubs vs. topless bars, so make sure you know if the club you're going to sells alcohol (ours do!) or if it's BYOB.

Strip Clubs for Women

Adult Club - Strip Clubs for Women I've heard stories that the ladies get pretty rowdy at strip clubs for women. Some adult clubs for women take their cues from the Chippendales, with big productions of burly half-naked men doing choreographed dances and showing off their bow-ties. If you're not into that, then there are totally nude clubs for women out there, where the guys get completely naked. These clubs more closely resemble traditional adult clubs for men, only the dudes are the ones taking off all their clothes.

Live Sex Clubs

Live Sex - Adult Clubs As far as we know, live sex shows aren't legal anywhere in the United States, even in Vegas. However, there are plenty of cities around the world that boast live sex adult clubs. I know of one baby boomer couple that loves to recall a live sex show they witnessed in Amsterdam in the 1970s. Apparently it was quite common back then, and it was often coupled with brewery tours. Imagine getting wasted, then loading up on a tour bus before being dumped into an adult club and watching two people have sex on stage for two hours. Yeah, I've heard the story one too many times (give it a rest, Mom and Dad!).

Swingers' Clubs

Adult Clubs - Swingers Club Depending on where you live, you may find that your city allows swingers' adult clubs. While live sex isn't usually allowed in common areas that serve alcohol, some of these adult swingers' clubs have what they call "hotel suites" where swinging couples can get it on with like-minded adults. Other clubs offer special sex chairs and beds, depending on who you are and what you like. The only requirement of most swingers' clubs is that you're relatively attractive and physically fit. If you're interested in hanging out at a swingers' club it helps to be a young, hot female...

So that about sums it up! While there are several types of adult clubs--Connecticut might only have three of those types--we feel strongly that our adult clubs provide a fun and sexy atmosphere, and cater to a variety of interests. Come in and check out Rockstar and Hollywood!