Pole Dancing Moves

Pole Dancing MovesSeveral weeks ago we posted some pole dancing videos to give you all a sample of what's out there to enjoy on YouTube.

This week we've collected some videos out there for you ladies interested in learning some specific pole dancing moves. Even if you're not a stripper, pole dancing is an excellent way to stay in shape, tone your muscles, and get an awesome cardio workout.

Check out these pole dancing moves videos of the Hollywood Spin, the Ankle Hook, Knee Taps, the Peeler, and the Flamingo.

Is your favorite pole dancing move shown below? If not, post a link to it on our Facebook page!

Pole Dancing Moves: The Hollywood Spin

Pole Dancing Moves: The Ankle Hook

Pole Dancing Moves: Knee Taps

Pole Dancing Moves: The Peeler

Pole Dancing Moves: The Flamingo