Stripping in College

Stripping in College

It's a common theory: women strip to pay for college. These high-brow intellectuals find themselves strapped for cash, so they decide to un-strap their clothes. Was that pun a stretch? Well, whatever. The question is, do women really begin stripping in college to pay for their education, and if so, should you?

Stripping in College: Fact or Fiction?

While I can't speak for all strippers--or all college girls for that matter--I can share with you a personal anecdote about one of my favorite strippers ever. No, I didn't meet her in a strip club, and I've actually known her for about thirteen years now.

Let's call her Emily. When I met Emily she was a 23-year-old college Sophomore majoring in Physics. Crazy smart. When she was 20 she started dancing at a local club and did really well. A talent scout for a Tokyo strip club saw her and invited her to dance in Japan.

Emily took the job, and spent a wild summer in Tokyo. When she came back to the States she stripped for awhile longer, saved a ton of money, then put herself through college. Right now she's finishing up her Med School residency and is officially an M.D.

So yes, stripping in college is a reality for some women. Other girls, not so much. Maybe they're stripping because it's fun or because they need to support their families or both. If a girl tells you she's stripping to pay for college, she might be telling you the truth. Then again, maybe she's not.

Stripping in College: How to Get Started

So you're a fine young thing looking to make some extra dough. Why not try out stripping? Check out our five-step plan on on how to be a stripper and start making some money!

It doesn't have to be a long-term thing, and ten years from now when people ask, you can tell them about how stripping in college is what helped you become a lawyer / accountant / astronaut.