Below are our ongoing specials. We have a long history of providing the best group package deals in New England. If you have a special event, from bachelor parties to corporate events, or you want to put a group together just for the heck of it, contact us online here. We'll make sure it's pulled off without a hitch.

Bachelor Party Specialist at Rockstar

Free Admission for the group when pre-booked call Fred at (860) 605-8765 for more info!!
Book Your Party Today! Stags, Bachelorette, B-Day, Corporate etc…
Beer and Bottle Specials Available in Our Party Room with Private Stage and Pole




BudBucket special at Rockstar and Hollywood

5 bottled beers on ice
Bud or Bud Light


Stag Party Package at HOLLYWOOD in Southington


Best Bachelor Party Package at HOLLYWOOD in Southington

Grey Goose Btl. with Mixers, 2 cases of Bottled Beers, No Cover for Group, Reserved  Seating, must be pre-booked, call 860-479-9192 ask for Vinny or kevin


Accommodates any type of party
Free cover for up to 20 people if pre-booked
Small and Large Custom Party Packages Available



Big Boy

Bud bottles just $5

at Rockstar!



Seasonal Beer Special at ROCKSTAR

Sam Adams
Spring Ale