Exclusive iRockstar Interview with Mad Sexy Dylan Ryder

Dylan Ryder Interviewby Paulie K.
A true original beauty at 5’9”, 136 lbs, and 34 DD’s, Dylan Ryder stands out in the porn industry in more ways then one. Not your typical blonde haired petite actress, this girl has silk black hair, big tits and a bold personality. She can cook, she has goals and aspirations, and she does porn. What more can I guy ask for? Her short haircut and hourglass figure brought her attention and her passion and talent during her sex scenes has kept all that attention going. Recently signing with BlueBird Films for a one year contract with a one year option, Dylan is starring in the sequel to their huge smash hit BatFxxx, which won multiple AVN Awards this year. Dylan Ryder will be playing the lead, in Katwoman, and she looks amazing in that skin tight black latex suit!! Go do yourself a huge favor, go check it out at the sites listed after the interview. You will be amazed.

Now Dylan, I’m sure everyone is familiar with your body by now, and you are not the small petite type of girl that usually dominates the market.

Dylan Ryder: I’m not, I’m not. I stand 5’9”, much of these girls are between the 5’4” to 5’7” range, I weigh 136 pounds, which, in porn, is curvier then most. Which is fine because people think I’m curvy. I’m not really curvy, I’m totally normal. I wear a size 4 in a dress, and the best compliment I get from fans and people in the industry is that I’m a nice hour glass figure. Which is great because Marilyn Monroe was no twig, you know, and she was gorgeous.


Yes, I’m a well rounded girl too. I’m a triple threat, I’m hot, I’m smart and I know how to cook.

Plus, you know how to dirty talk, which I love.

I’m working on that, you know, I’m working on that. I’ve been watching a lot more of my scenes, and I’m looking at what’s going on and you know it’s really hard to convey to people watching how good the scenes feel sometimes. Although I feel it on set and my costar can see it in my face, I know how important it is to verbally express what is happening. So that’s something I’m gonna try and step up a little bit more. You know, the bedroom eyes only work for the person next to you.

Yea, you know most girls just moan for 20 minutes, so I think every guy on planet Earth really appreciates your dirty talk. So, thank you. Now when you guys pause when you have sex to switch positions, do you still kinda fool around or do you just sit there and wait until the camera is ready.

Well, it depends – do I like the guy I’m working with? Ha ha. I’m just joking. For the most part, I love to stay in the moment. I don’t want to be fake. I want to keep going while they work it out and start filming again.

What if it’s the beginning of the scene, and the guy has wood problems. Would you help him? The camera is off, and he needs to get wood.

Umm, that has never really happened with me. I would have to say the bigger problem I encounter is when we are no where near the pop shot, (cum shot) and the guy needs to cum.

That is probably an even worse problem.

Yea, the guys usually have to cum early, and we have to slow it down so that we’ll be able to finish the scene.

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