Gentlemen’s Clubs

Gentlemens Clubs - A Rich Man

When you think gentlemen's clubs, what do you imagine? Me? Well, the first that comes to mind is a bunch of rich men in suits, sipping scotch, smoking cigars, and talking about their stock options. But then I remember that gentlemen's clubs have come to mean so much more.

Sure, gentlemen's clubs used to be places where men went to show off their wealth. But now gentlemen's clubs--such as our very own Hollywood in Southington and Rockstar in Wolcott--actually take into account what men really want: sports, hot girls, drinks, food.

Connecticut Gentlemen's Clubs: Rockstar and Hollywood

CT Gentlemes Clubs: Rockstar and Hollywood

You can come to our gentlemen's clubs wearing your most expensive suit or a comfortable pair of jeans. We don't care, just as long as you look more like a gentleman than a slob.

While you won't find the stock market on our plasma screen TVs, you can talk about your money if you really want. Just don't be a douche about it.

Gentlemen's clubs should have gentlemen's entertainment, and that we do. Our beautiful girls will provide you with tantalizing dancing. Our flat-screen TVs show your favorite sports events, including UFC and HBO boxing. Plus, we've got a full bar and a fried foods menu. Face it: gentlemen prefer fries.

Next time you're in the area and looking for the best Connecticut gentlemen's clubs, check out Rockstar and Hollywood: girls, booze, sports. The gentlemen's trifecta.