Go Go Dancer!

Go Go DancerIn the 1960s go go dancers became popular in bars and nightclubs across the world. While go go dancing isn't the same as stripping (at least not always), we still want to give the go go dancer all our respect.

What is a Go Go Dancer?

Go go dancers are hired to dance at bars to entertain the patrons, who are themselves often dancing and drinking.

Usually you'll find a go go dancer dancing on a table, in a cage (cage dancing), or on the bar. Now why is this different than stripping? Well, typically go go dancers don't remove their clothing; they may already be dancing in lingerie or a bikini.

Go go dancers often don't work for tips; instead, they're usually paid by the nightclub or bar to dance--almost as a background entertainment. At strip clubs, on the other hand, dancers are usually the focus of the club.

The most famous go go bar in the United States is Whisky A Go Go in Los Angeles, which was where cage dancing was born in the 1960s.

What do you think of go go dancers? Do you prefer strip clubs more?