Longoria Parker shows off stripper pole skills on TV

By: WENN.com The Desperate Housewives star told Lopez she'd show off the pole dancing skills Carmen Electra had taught her if the pilot of his programme, Lopez Tonight!, got picked up. And when the Latino funnyman debuted on Monday, sexy Longoria Parker fulfilled her promise. Dressed in a sparkly black mini-dress and sporting a new blonde look, the actress shrieked when she realised Lopez had a pole set up on his stage, but insisted she wasn't dressed appropriately, joking, "You're gonna see my hoo-ha." But the game actress made an attempt, admitting it was more successful than the one she had tried at home on St. Valentine's Day (14Feb09). She explained, "Carmen Electra is a friend of mine and she has these stripper poles that she sells, so she sent me a stripper pole for Valentine's. "I set it up myself... and I was trying to do the sexy dance for Valentine's and I got on it to swing and I went `whack' and I fell, so I never really got to do it."

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