Pinterest for Strippers?

Pinterest for Porn: Pornterest and Snatchly

Some of you more web savvy people out there may have heard of Pinterest, the new social network that suburban housewives are going ape-shit over. Basically it allows you to "pin" images of whatever the hell you like, then share those images with other people.

Do you like apple pies? Great. Post a picture. Do you like pictures of baby koala bears. PERFECT. Pin that shit.

Unfortunately, Pinterest has a strict no porn policy, so even though you might see "artistic" images of fine asses, you won't see any x-rated stuff. Boooo.

But guess what? There is a place for people like us. Several places, in fact. If you want to see pics of stuff you actually like, then check out Pornterest. Although it seems to be relatively new, the site already holds great promise.

Designed to look like Pinterest, it looks like Pornterest may have been created by Adult Friend Finder. Currently the site is full of images of Alyssa Milano plus a hard core fucking scene every now and then. Who knows. People are weird.

Similar to Pornterest, Snatchly seems to be a little bit more hardcore. You'll see pics of strippers, but also cum shots, bondage, and all sorts of deliciously filthy stuff.

In its first two months of operations, Snatchly signed up more than 15,000 users! It's a great idea, and really good execution. I think I'll join!

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